Meet Dionne Smith

Dionne Smith is a professional, award-winning hairstylist to the stars. She’s worked with celebrities, television personalities, and sports champions from across the globe, and now, she’s here to transform your look on your special day.

Dionne is an experienced stylist who has spent decades mastering the fine art of bridal hair styling. With the support of her fully-staffed team, she’s travelled the world to help brides just like you look and feel their best on their wedding day.

Each hairstyle she creates is as beautiful and unique as the brides she works with, and her greatest reward is seeing the joy and confidence on her clients’ faces when they see their final look. Give her the chance to do the same for you!

“I love working with brides, and every bride is different and special in their own way, I love the look on their faces when they see themselves in the mirror, once their entire look for the day comes together.

It’s a feeling that fills me up every single time!”

Work With Dionne Smith Bridal

A Marriage of Creativity and Passion

Your wedding day is the first page in a life-long story of love and happiness, and we know that you’ve spent countless hours making sure that it’s perfect. We’re here to help you keep it that way.

The Dionne Smith Bridal team is made up of experienced and welcoming hairstyling professionals who are as excited about your big day as you are. We’ll go above and beyond to give you and your bridal party a salon experience you’ll never forget.


An International Experience

Work with a dedicated team that’s willing to cross oceans for you. No matter how big or small your wedding day, we’ll treat you and your bridal party with the same level of care and dedication that we show our world-famous clients.


Will You Do Us The Honour?

Say yes to perfection and reach out to us for a bridal consultation today to let one of our team members walk you through our rates, styles, and specialities as soon as possible.

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