Wedding Inspiration Shoot at The Greenwich Hotel

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Wedding Inspiration Shoot at The Greenwich Hotel, as seen in You & Yours Wedding Magazine.

I was contacted by Lauren Baker, a makeup artist I’ve worked with a few times. She asked me to join her and a wonderful¬†team to do a wedding photo shoot at the Greenwich hotel. The hotel is now available for wedding ceremonies. So, couples can get married there and we wanted to capture the feel of the hotel. Therefore, I was asked to do a wedding shoot to show off the fantastic hotel premises.

I was happy to jump on board. It was a brilliant photo shoot and wonderful team. I did two looks for the bride. One was a day look for her white wedding dress, a high bouffant bun. The other was an evening look for her sequinned open back dress, where she had loose curls with a natural parting, which worked really well.

The flower arrangement/decor and premises looked very nice, simple and classy. This hotel would suit a small to medium sized wedding.



Greenwich wedding shoot

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Greenwich wedding


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wedding certificate

wedding couple

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Greenwich hotel

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