Tracy’s Wedding


Name: Tracy Ambris-Okubanjo

Wedding Venue: Edmonton, London

Hair Stylist: Dionne Smith

This is what Tracy had to say:

Dionne was absolutely superb and I cannot recommend her more highly. She is a perfectionist and completely “got” what I did and didn’t want for my wedding hair. Dionne worked so hard on the day itself, making sure me, my mum, sister and all the bridesmaids looked perfect.

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Dionne’s thoughts about this wedding experience:

Tracy is a long-term client of mine. I’ve been doing her hair for some time now. And she asked me to do her hair for her wedding and wouldn’t have it any other way. Before I did her hair for the big day, she came into the salon for a pre do so she could see what she would look like on the day, which was fun.

Her wedding was a lovely event which I was invited to and attended.

Tracy wanted me to do her whole wedding party which included her sister and mum who are also regular clients, plus bridesmaids and flower girls. So I was booked for Tracy’s wedding. She wanted a lovely bouffant look, something slick and off the face. And something that would last her for the entire day. Plus, would work well with her dress.

So I did her hair in a lovely up-do. I also did her sister, mum, bridesmaids and the flower girl’s hair. You can see the pictures from within this post.

I thank Tracy for a lovely testimonial. It’s always lovely to hear what my brides think about my service and about how I made them feel on their wedding day.

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