Why I Started Creme de la Bride Magazine

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I would like to give you a little history behind my bridal magazine, Creme de la Bride. After my fiance proposed to me, I began my research. I went online looking for inspiration. So, I typed in black brides expecting to see lots of information for brides of colour. Instead, all I found was gothic stuff related to black brides. There was nothing in the UK for black brides-to-be, only in America.

I wanted to find out about catering, makeup for our skin tones and other stuff for black brides. I was so disappointed. Then, I had the idea of starting my own magazine for black brides. It was obvious that there was a need for it. Black brides-to-be had to get information from other magazines and adapt it to suit what they needed.

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A lot of brides prefer traditional meals served at their wedding reception. But, other UK magazine didn’t have information about the caterers to suit their needs. The same problem was there concerning hair, skin, make-up, culture, food, decor, venues and more…

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They needed their own go-to guide from the UK, not from other countries. So I created Black Brides and Weddings, which later changed names to Creme de la Bride.

The magazine is a shop for all brides of colour. It was the first of its kind in the UK. Brides-to-be can read articles online and the digital magazine to help them plan their weddings stress-free. Creme de la Bride is filling an enormous gap in the wedding market for brides of colour.


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